30 minutes                                    $45

60 minutes                                    $75

90 minutes                                    $105

Subscriptions starting at $60/month

Crafted around your needs, the Full Cycle custom massage combines one or more of the following styles: Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, reflexology, sports, orthopedic, and polarity.  Sessions can be full body and relaxing or dialed in to focus on a specific area.  



Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Initial Session: 90 Minutes                 $105

Follow Up Session: 90 minutes     $105

Follow Up Session: 60 minutes     $75

New Client Bundle (3 sessions) $205


Arvigo® therapy is designed around the unique needs of women. For cramp relief or conception struggles, this gentle massage will help you find balance within your cycle and harmony with your body. The Initial session includes a thorough intake and instructions for self-care massage you can practice at home. This massage includes abdominal work. It is not recommended during pregnancy.   

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss whether Arvigo® is right for you.


Prenatal Massage

60 minutes                                    $75

90 minutes                                    $105

Prenatal massage helps relieve stress and improve overall wellness during pregnancy. It eases some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy such as backaches, leg stiffness, headache and swelling. Gentle, nurturing strokes give mom a tranquil respite during this powerful cycle of life.  


Postpartum Massage

60 minutes                                    $75

90 minutes                                    $105

Birth is a real mother. Full Cycle’s postpartum massage is formulated for mothers whose bodies and minds are adjusting to the challenges of motherhood. A gentle and relaxing massage is customized to fit your needs while taking into consideration the complexities of the postpartum period.   *Arvigo Therapy® is a great option for postpartum. Massage is not recommended until 6-10 weeks postpartum. For cesarean births, please obtain a physician's approval before receiving bodywork. 


Vaginal steaming is a mild but powerful treatment used in many traditional cultures. A custom herbal blend is added to hot water to create a gentle steam.  At Full Cycle Massage, enjoy your steam session on a custom crafted steam stool while listening to music or a guided meditation. *Vaginal steaming is not recommended for women who are actively bleeding, pregnant, or post-ovulation while trying to conceive.   

Vaginal Steaming

30 minutes                                    $35