Origin of Full Cycle Massage

When I first came up with the concept of Full Cycle Massage, I hadn’t even enrolled at the Florida School of Massage.  I left a cushy Corporate Communications job to follow my dream of creating a space that would empower women to love their bodies through every stage of life.

During school my interests broadened. I gained a fascination with the body and the power of touch. While the foundation of my dream is still women’s health, I became interested in working with variety of physical challenges.

Fast forward to today and I continue following my dream. Fresh out of school I traveled to North Carolina to become a Certified Arvigo® Practitioner.  Today you can find me in the treatment room or seeking additional training to broaden my tool box of knowledge.  


Christine's Story

I’m sure you are wondering, “Why women’s health?” The answer is long, but I’ll keep it brief. From the age of 15, I struggled with irregularities in my menstrual cycle. Doctors told me that I was too young to worry and proceeded to put me on every type of birth control imaginable to help control my symptoms. With no relief and worsened symptoms, I reached my mid-twenties. I was fed up with feeling broken and having no control over my own health. I made some lifestyle changes and saw slight improvements.  

When it came time to start a family, things got more complicated. I tried acupuncture, nutritional plans, and supplements. I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and became a master interpreter of the daily data my body provided.  I discovered the amazing barometer provided by the cycles of the female body. Every symptom was a sign of health or a signal for help. And my data illustrated that my body was screaming for help.

My recovery plan included stress relief and self-care. That is when I discovered abdominal massage. I was lucky enough to find an Arvigo® practitioner in Sarasota who served as my self-awareness Sherpa. For the first time in my life I was encouraged to fully embrace the softer side of myself. To love my body in spite of its imperfections. I started the massage protocol hoping to get the baby I desperately wanted but gained so much more.  

When my husband’s job moved us to Gainesville, I decided that it was time to act on my desire to empower other women.  The Florida School of Massage and Arvigo® training programs continued my journey of self-love. They opened my mind to the concept that all people benefit from learning to love themselves.  

From this journey, Full Cycle Massage was born.